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Lightning Format from Leafs

Queen Armada | July 28, 2013 | User blog:Queen Armada Edit Comments ----

 Tampa can remember from this their own system format they use and start being a champion.[3]

NHL 2004 XBox - Coaching Strategies with Marc Crawford


NHL 2005 Strategies With Marc Crawford

The Leafs have troubles in their structure.Their scouting is good.They can't make anything of scouting and are badly damaged from the baby boomer era players that they were from 1980 to 1990's and began retiring in 2000's.This is destruction in caliber of players.They could not get late 80's Maple Leafs to play to 2000's which many NHL teams can do and do in America.If they don't they won the Stanley Cup.Toronto had the destructive Cliff Fletcher who was wasting Toronto's budget.You must retain a team from 80's in order to be a champion but to have your high caliber players.The Leafs were confused with defensive offensive forwards.They got Zezel and made him do this.Traffic in front of the net.Zezel is a game winning goal scorer who is used in play making and slap a one timer from Gilmour.They both were Blues.Gilmour Clark combo got goals and against the Kings.But I would have traded Clark for a high caliber player like Graves,Granato,Creighton,Mellamby.These teams will trade these type of players but for Clark.Sheppard,Yserbaert but many players are scorers on the Leafs and make that evident in their career they go to the cool gang teams Like Flyers or Wings or NJ.Cliff Fletcher did not heal injured players and had high caliber players in Leeman,Marois,Iafrate,Kurvers,Ramage,Olczyk,Courtnall,Fergus, No. Player Pos Age Ht Wt S/C Exp Birth Date Summary 18 Peter Ihnacak C 30 5-11 180 R/- 5 May 3, 1957 10 G, 20 A, 30 P

     Miroslav Frycer 	RW 	28 	6-0 	200 	L/- 	6 	September 27, 1959 	12 G, 20 A, 32 P 
   Tom Fergus 	        C 	25 	6-3 	210 	L/- 	6 	     June 16, 1962 	19 G, 31 A, 50 P

They had these players.Many teams keep their valuable scorers and re-arrange the lines.They aquire to improve a line with a winger or center or a change in play to trade for players equal to who they have,swap.They lost 80's chemistry out of their team.These players then prematurely retired dishearted.2000's Maple Leafs lacked what I was saying,scoring Maple Leaf veteran not a fresh trade player.An old Leaf.Trade is where you make a traded player into a Leaf in years,play for decades.You don't lose your free agents.You pay the valuable players off in free agent and don't let it get to that.Stanley Cup Leafs of 1960's to 1900's.They homegrown their stars of high caliber level they had in their system.These players are equal to big name players of the league in history of 70's,80's and 90's.Max Bentley is better than Mark Recchi in his prime.Bentley never lost it like Bruin Recchi.Bentley was a huge forward that would score around the net and utilize his speed like Mark Messier.Ted Kennedy is like Brendan Shanahan.Ian Turnball is like Zhitnik.Turk Broda is better than Bill Randford.The Leafs back then had this from a simple procedure of growing and holding on to their players and having them healed from injuries to bring back Stanley Cups.Many of them were at least 5yrs a Leaf or more from trade and re-signed to be a Leaf Legend.Leeman is like Maruk of Caps.Olczyk is like Hejduk but Leaf Eddie O.Gilmour had no chemistry grown Leaf to pass.And Andreychuk was this Leaf the Leafs dealt off but is a better scorer than Ponikarovsky and Antropov and could have been a Leaf up to then.The Leafs did not care enough.When veterans get old they pick to score game winners when their numbers go down and assist.Fletcher was spending cash and wasting it on unimportant free agents and was destructive,he did not need these players for he had them from 80's and as 2000's would have had them from 90's.That is what the Stanley Cup champions do and players like these important players are the ones that score in the playoffs and then a new combo starts in the Final.Too much homegrown and caliber level starts to be average and then they go to the trade to raise the caliber level of lines to above average in deals.Your not supposed to lose in free agents.60's ended and to Sitler was the last Leaf of high caliber for a Cup and President's trophy.You need to win trophies in NHL awards for your players to stay with you on first 2 lines and after 5yrs chances.Leafs were not smart free agent signings and lost alot from the beginners manual gimme free agents and teams in US don't take free agents like that,celibration.The play level and style of trade player after 5yrs changes to what the Leafs want.Getting coaches from the past,decade before to assist and make Leaf dream organization,coaches and combos.Carpenter and Gilmour.Watt and Gartner.Quinn and Olczyk.Quinn and D.Marois and Iafrate.Mandatory Ellett and Quinn,Coach Quinn.The League has rules that you can do,their are more coaching chores than 1 head coach.And when you have it in your organization,that is the way the Stanley Cup champions do it from their own archive of valuable coaches and players.Andreychuk is like John Tonelli.Tonelli was assassin player Flames needed and went to the final.Andreychuk was this.Leafs believe players run out of gas even when they have a Gartner and find no value in them and dish them off for lesser players in a cycle.Warrener for Andreychuk,Leafs lost.Self Destructiveness.Leaf players don't play fresh like veteran US NHL team players play fresh and lively to defeat teams for decades.A Leaf is for a few years.Veteran is supposed to fluctuate in their career,when they were younger they had 70 point season and after score under 100points as veteran after those years of 60 points.Powerplay experts and penalty killers.Andreychuk and Olczyk and Krushelnyski Gartner.Blueliners valuable players Ellett,Iafrate,Kurvers.Ramage could have been dealt to LA.Courtnall could have been dealt to Caps.Leafs really don't have experts in knowing what type of players are what,they jam this into a head coach to do like Quinn.They don't know about powerplay experts and penalty killers.And what Zezel is.They don't understand what the trade players specialty is what training they did to be a specialty players.NJ Devils of 2000's confuses the Leafs.They don't know what Elias is.He is a defensive scorer.There are fast skating defensive scorers.And when the Leafs don't have up to date expert scouting they have holes in scoring and gameplay and lose and don't have anything,empty handed.Leafs do not understand chemistry.This is American NHL concept that has brought Stanley Cup to them,awards and being top ten teams.Leafs don't have experts in the trade to precisely what they want.The Leaf players are not trained in types of shots.Scouting is poor and needs to be hugest of organization.Scouting gives us support and play books.We have people orchestrate playbooks on the ice with signals.The players are trained in particular types of passing styles and shot types.When they do a play and they mix up plays and have seperate.Type of wrist shot in a pattern to the net.Defense to chip in old days of 1920's and then scoring near net.The players are trained in types of passing and shot types that bring success to sets of plays they go with.They can bring back offensive greats like Marois,Leeman and even make Gilmour as they make them into plays of the past,recorded in history of Maple Leafs.Train players who can play like attributes of the players.When they have a quality of a great Leaf player its an attribute.He can do a setup with checking to wrister that scores and with checking to setup this wrister play.Andreychuk and dream Leafs Heros Greats of every decade in plays.Attributes captured in plays.Player is tradesman that can preform types of patterns to do the types of offense.Many players switched to arsenal they were trained with not just wrister.In situation as they change in hockey like crazy they can go to backhand for goal to the net.Captain is orchestrator of plays from the bench.He yells in codes and can do constant chatter as another coach on ice.Assistant does this too backup.Leadership to curve the plays on the ice.Lives and re-lives in coaching staff and organization,which participates full duties given scouting reports first hand.Head Coach is not given reports and important ones.He is given the median.The norm.The Head Coach can boost levels.The structure and playbook of the team is uninterupted.Head Coach just plays the structure without any major change.He is not a destructive innovator.Plays are effective as proven by another type of coach.Different types of coaches.Handyman coach,Master builder,GM,President.And to get them to play higher.They don't exactly follow it through,add to it like reports.Hockey arena and home ice and on the road to transport this to enemy territory.Minors is training and aquiring from other organizations players in trade.Trade meaning players train in their utilities and arsenal.They have defensive hockey training to fall back on as training in types of offense and behaviour offense.Patterns are controlled as we want who can preform and fit into this type of play.Mixed and match.Trained and shaped him to make instant goals.Trained him to make this back hand cross ice pass in attacking zone.He put it into effect in minor league games,proven it works.Defense he was doing defense like wrecking up plays.As teams are all different,different defensive plays per team NHL.Scout each team to get types of plays for defense.Leafs Staggered defense and 4 Man Box.Staggered from Darryl Sitler's days can come back.It has offense in it for defenseman.Staggered is Leafs foundation and so is 4 Man Box but changes as Diamond for offense and Positional.Change and practice Staggered D with a successful group.Changing to cater to each team they play in rivalry and key games in season schedule.Any defenseman does not need a character to complete defensive tasks as long as they are doing it and playing the man,forwards and stray defenseman.Shadowing scorers and line changes and in games reports who is dangerous.Game winner in CBC,who's going to score the Leafs need analysts like this.Changing Staggered to each NHL team they face.Add 4 Man Box in it to collapse fall in their zone.Graduates from University in the organization and able to handle the team.Head Coach can change even to President for weeks is the head coach.University graduate in academics with high degrees.Well educated even from UN will make improvement and repair the Leafs.UN member and UFP as President or President of TV for Leafs is doing Head coach duties for a duration.High degree,United Federation of Planets in Space Toronto.UN member from Toronto in origin.Know how to repair the defense and install permanent system forever in Leafs.Train the players to be like past secret Leaf Greats of 1987 and 1989 to 1993.High education in middle,coaching.Supervise the minor leagues to see how they are monitored and even draft them and see how they work.Working and functionable.Set of player and plays.Growing them and bringing them up to Professional NHL or Leafs.When a player has training in plays these are his tactics.Tactics means head coach runs the team manually and goes on modes.Player can make judgement to go to his tactics as defenseman.Defensive tactics.Tactics can be controlled by club.Tactics are from players judgement.Coaches and their tactics.Marois,Leeman and Andreychuk went to their tactics as players.Player in minors and their building of tactics.Minors teams trade players for each other's tactics in exchange as players.Swap.Tactics can be controlled by the coach and integrated in effective plays.UFP head coach or other jobs with coaching duties.Decisions in play patterns.The Leafs had a high quality team and players but don't have the plays and structure for them.Andreychuk has no direct direction and Olczyk either.Leafs does resort to the past era plays but current day NHL has changed.These plays work with trade players and the Leaf heroes.They just don't have the coaching structure for them.They did not train them earlier in minors to effective Leaf plays.The Leafs did not make and scout new plays.They would have the great players but nothing effective to work them around and make them bang it home and Leaf woes in defensive strategy.They don't have a commander on defensive playbook plays.Defense hand and hand to assist and score.The Leafs premature retirement of the players who can't lay back on the teams playbook structured system.Many players on trade and in Leafs system as D.Marois and Borshevsky retired early.If put on playbook format they would have played longer and got the Leafs to Stanley Cup,well their format must be proven to work.Players get 4 times as old on the Leafs and Leafs deal them for fresh players which is destructive and wrong.The players time is not up its the Leaf organization that needs to be free agent.Their time is up and then blame players.Gilmour was not handled properly.He should have stayed as a Leaf.Proper structure and the players know like acting what to do but for 40 yrs ago and more in one game.Improvement them or reserve them and annalyze them.Players fall back on them and production under orchestrator as the many coaches.Fall back on structure of the Organization the playbook structure and plans.Get players that play similiar to particular plays so they fit in the plays structure and skate in the pattern,the trade.Many plays started as simple plays.They then added and mixed and match plays together.Like putting a simple cross blue line to a pass to a shot can be added with dump and chase and more plays.Improv could be used which is like having mic and headphones to relay during practice.They have mics to talk amongst them and follow orders from management.Practice this til they take it into a game.They in practice mimic plays opposition do and try to do a hockey play combining defense play with offense reverse.Rebound causes break for defense and defense can pitch in to score with mics and headphones.Recordings systems as many NHL teams do this in modern day.That is how they got good in practice as the Stanley Cup Champions and first overall.Microphones on team and their lines.During the season hot and cold happens.So their lines fluctuate in getting offense and defense.Lines 3 and 4 can be used with defense mixed with veteran offense.You can get scoring from your 4 lines.Some will be hot vs some teams and their playing styles and them training.Defense core plays hot vs types of teams in league to use stretegy to wreckup plays and send the puck up to the forward lines and carry it in for some offense.Hot and cold lines.Lines purpose being raised in minors.Training using microphones and shouting and hearing instructions to change places to form up plays.Co-ordination.Co-ordinator.Backing of the city of Toronto and all fan cities to use their government and city hall powers to support the Leafs.In areas.A team when in scouting you record opposition and their movement is studied as a rhythm.The team has rhythm.Now you can match against the team and re-do your plays and play like chess against them studying their movement rhythms.PP and PK.Plays like balanced attack and conservative.Co-ordinator specializes in team rhythm.Players are highlighted on computer.Players train their shot and plays on computer simulation interacts player on surfaces with a probe stick.And for goaltending and defense.Then makes and creates players skating and game and its much like a tread mill.Uses player computer graphics on skating surface and records his movement.Player is locked down restraint and free to skate.Not skates but plastic with sensors.Surface is slippery.Sample of a skating surface but plastic with probes harness,wrist shots and passing.Puppting probes harness for types of control.Lose harness to shoes and to do slap shots.Dome over a courts size skating surface all dedicated to holographic hockey simualtion.Screen behind where the glass is.Protected and puck ia sensor puck.Meant for the holograms.Helmet has a probes and visor 3d projector.Skate with on glice.Part of team and line changes.Switch from the helmet to when you skate see yourself on view screen,probed wireless movement.Training.Coaching can be done and rhythm is used for coach to match plays for plays.Give him surface view.Team will be programmedWatches on movies screen size a simulation game.Coaching can be done and rhythm is used for coach to match plays for plays.Give him surface view.Team will be programmed.And rhythm plays added.Co-ordianator for teams rhythm and bio.Player bio.Levels in each category on a chart.Predict and expect things from player bio reports and scouted on ice and computer simulation.Rhythm they can scout out player bio.Make coaching plays.To shadow against each team and for each player individually.They have plays that throw off teams and player movement.Coaching.APB monitoring meaning scouts are aligned in all parts arena,ice surface and on a microphone APB back what they see in a game.Many keep coming from the club's APB.Reports.Then in practice this is brought to them and they practice it players wearing wireless earphones and skate and practice to what is re-played.Player goes on the map and plan of ice surface and practices going to where report says.The they fit this in on their plays.Players in practice are miked to play and APB back when they do a pattern.This goes with the small dome glice surface.Coaching plays.Where the puck goes and mapping the puck per team.Then configurating a play to counter the puck in defense and alignment and a offensive play mapped on many charts and to practice this.Setup around the puck in a formation.Line changes the puck is predicted and its pattern on the ice for each team.And per period.Obtain the puck from sendng it in the attacking zone and to forecheck.Set up a formation around the puck.And to signal and call,send APB for help and practice this that the puck is ahead and to make a formation or break it to make defense.Train APB tells them where the puck is.Training.Work in co-operation as a unit or go with a play for a player to hog the puck while forecheckers.Defense like in football as alignment.Allow a player through.And to setup offense.Offensive plays.Defenseman is the quarter back.Setup and go in,call the play from the bench.Trained that its this team and puck is going to be so many ft from the boards.Setup play.Get that puck home or to control it for defense to waste time.Players that get to the puck fast and fastest defenseman gets to the puck.Then a defensive play to break out rehearsed.Practice a code was told and many player codes and calling plays.Goalie told plays from the bench by defensemen.Modes.Goalies world of the puck and defense.Goalie watches defensive plays and is let in on defense called.Aware.Shout codes to Goalie.Goalie and whereabouts of the puck.Taught to him playing this certain team the puck is going to be in a area.Calculate area in math.Goalie and his plays rehearsed.Come out and butterfly or more in his net and practiced.Call for him to comeout crease with defenseman.Duo wlth his defenseman and goalie and many plays.Many goaltending plays.Play the puck with defenseman in a formation.Goalie in a formation.Where the puck is and how far.Reports.Training.Goalie APB shouts for help many plays a goalie can do with his forwards and defenseman.Combined for the extra defenseman goalie.Smother the puck and waste time.Avoid danger zones for scorers scouted on monitors and replays.Chart to avoid single out big scores and on the blueline.Danger zones in what play the opposition setsup.On the chart or ice surface tell them in codes how the team scores.Zones mapped out and from monitor replay they are going to contain the puck defenseman to setup a rush and play.Take this away from them.Defense and puck control.Forwards.Codes then to setup in this game of chess.Codes for offense in chess.Each peice is player and they have a plan.Head coach.Puts each plan from defense and goaltending and offense as on whole and changed to many plays called upon.Coach breaks the plans into groups for each combo of offense.Defenseman and 2 forwards or 2 defenseman and a forward,coached to make setups.Taught variety of plays,setups.Formation to the defense.Defense and goalie are groups with coach practicing.Rhythm or scanning the game.You interact your plays on scanning players the game.You then put in a play and setup with the opposition out of position.Put in play that has them out of position.Defense out of position but when they are from afar they close together like a trap play.Center on the puck.Trap play to have them out of postion using scanning them translate them or the parts to the game to a moving game plan.Want your players from scanning them.You know and have them labled.Their team rhythm and to beat in in motion.Put each play.Position players in a formation.Rewind and fast forward fo the game plan.Go to each stage and a basic plan to the opposition scanned rhythm.Defense can be setup in a way to out-play opposition.Goalie can be setup.He and the team as a plan to join the plans for forwards and defense and goalie.All separate plans.Plotted from team archives on opposition.Catch other team out of position to setup.Changing their coaching plays in each part of the zone.Change alignment of players to something that scores and defense and goaltending.Positioning of each defense,goaltending and scoring.Transition crossing blue line.How fast they can form up.Switch plays when one does not work.Coach yell but gets word to a player to spread the word from bench.Taking a single player switch line change.Line change a few players with the new codes.Go into the attacking zone and shift around to coaching plays signals and in practice.Computer simulation each player has a control.Get the plan into the players.Using a game but is not.Everyone has controllers.Coach has for changing coaching strategies.Cycle.Cycling in the zone for the right coaching play out of 3.Transition is how fast they can align and change plays as a team.Change alignment like in chess.Hockey and chess.Coaching plays and practice.Now lets leave the monitors and giant screen and go to the ice.Setup decoy player to skate around and use someone to switch the dummies around.Adjust to each play.Goalie dummy.Moves like Le Goalie.Cycling in their zone for defense.Right one to jam the forwards.Scouting reports and knowing opposition as practice is a rehearsal.What we've seen on the giant screen and on the board.Take it to the ice and transport the board.Even put a stand and leave a giant board on the ice or behind the goalie behind the glass.Coach erases some x's and draws patterns on ice.Players skate by.Skate up to the stand.Puck and puck containment.Goalie.Goalie and a pattern of many players.Forwards and defense with the goalie or forwards.Parts of the ice in goalie's zone.Plays for the goalie.Cycling through plays.What type of save you want goalie to do with player aligned like in soccer,free kick.PP.You need quick plays and quick passing to get the defense and goalie out of position.You need to do some forechecking in PP.No contact in PP.Very little contact,some key hits while trying to get the puck when it was put in a key place to form a trap around it,triangle or a closed play meaning 2 forwards outside crease to setup from behind the net.Defenseman have to offensive and at the point or to switch with the forwards position faceoff.Point for some teams center blast from point.Accurate shot on net that does not bump around.Center to shoot more hard shots.Defenseman passer passes to Center on the point blast.Defenseman and forward setup on rebound.Shot should go through the goalie's pads.Never close up and stay spread out except when making play need to close up.Get of position.Shifting of plays of course such limited time.After a minute 2nd PP comes out with new plays.Passing and to travel with the puck.Passing is so no one is taken out from check.Travel with the puck defenseman at faceoff and find someone.And on the rush outnumber opposition passing play.Only go to the shot when shooter shoots automatic goals as a sniper.Practice passing to him to score.Defenseman turn into passers.Make simple passes not cross ice.Backin Baby Boomer late 80's they used to cross ice to one timer.It used to hop stick and was in the net.Very difficult play now.Just to the next man and not to hold on to the puck.Quick passes and travel into scoring.Mark on chart scoring areas.Sometimes pass from behind the net to the point and a blast.Cross ice pass from back net to the point.Need couple of forwards to go back behind the goal line to battle for the puck.Open men.Once loose other players go back to formation.Combination.Change it to make it closer away from boards in scoring areas.Defense can travel along the boards.Forwards place inside area from boards to get a quick release or make quick play,snap it home.Stay to most effective plays being 2 plays.2 key hits for goal.And they can switch and go along boards even wider out.Rotate center with defenseman.Defenseman can blast a one-timer at the slot.Many more men open.Chess but for a high scoring bishop and Queen get out.Far and near.Open men shaking off shadower.Skate into position combination near net or from afar for shooting.Angle of shooting.Close and angle and far angle in degrees on goalie.Great stickhandlers behind the net sneak up to combination positions.Angle of the players and the shot,snap.PK need to make a wide open box and triangle to catch the puck and send it out and travel with it with fastest skaters.They can body check and send it out when rule at blue line.Must skate blueline and release unless skilled defenseman and its all on defenseman not allowing them to setup.Get to the blueline.Forwards are for the speed and craftyness.Catch a pass being the setup cross ice pass.Intercept and stick check.Defenseman to retreive puck and make simple passes out of zone.Not trapped or a forward must bodycheck.Limited contact more stick checking and travel with the puck to waste time and pass it back to the defense and soft blast out.Opposition team is going to make alot of cross ice passes.Easy to intercept and to cycle plays.Capture on computer.Blast the puck for a faceoff outside zone behind the blueline.Switch lines.Take puck off attacker and stick check it or wrist it out.Not suckered 2 on one man checking.One for one.Someone goes to the puck carrier to see what he does,rush puck carrier.Others shadow and defense has many step ahead of attackers.Form a defensive pair and suppport goalie.Forwards break out faster than defense turn into short passers to forwards.A team has to have something to fall back on.Have coaches part of simulation as shout out instructions to players probed and have sensor equipment for screen simulation.Goaltending on computer has a goalie without any equipment,might want street hockey pads for effect and street hockey mask and is on a glice surface to skate around on.Equipment are all computer probe sensor.Sensor goalie stick responds on screen.A special visor that magnifies view to focus on screen better so when goalie moves image on screen responds as he must watch the screen.Then he views a screen from afar and when he moves probes make the goalie image moves.Modes as terminal to other screens to drill with his team without heavy equipment and fatigue and they can do this late at night when things are closed.Then there is a drill and passing plays save them by goalie moving so image goalie moves in computer graphics and slides on glice surface he is on facing the screen.And you can make the view up close,different camera views.Switch cameras.Train against program of NHL teams he will face.From scouting they programmed simulation.And players in another part of room can train their goalie as shooters in same large room but have their own screen where they can see ice surface and play as players to train their goalie on their screen.Goalie on glice image on player's screen.Setup plays and their glice surface is large to setup plays,sensor jacket and gloves,stick sensor and it makes puck on screen move,action to make plays and types of shots.Passing.Coaching staff instructions during computer simulation as their players move and the computer player image moves and does what they do from sensors equipment.Change types of training.Players can wear a visor that magifies closer with wide vision to view other players vision to screen so when they move and watch player on screen move,focus on only image on screen as they move.No fatigue for players and late hours when things closed.A complete team in defense,goaltending,and forwards with Coach.Stable system to give them 4 goals and play defensive without the star forward.They add the star forward for more punch in lineup.Go up levels with him in lineup.Got a basic play and scoring.Teams can go without forward from injuries.They have to be built to play without many key players.In the playoffs key goals are from rookie call ups.They turn into the stars in playoffs with their big goals.They target star player.They will become injured but a team must have consistant plays as the team ratio or they can't win.Goaltending is not on scoring and defense is not either and is not effected.Teams will have backup stars and not just focus weakness on 1.Plays remain same but they can change them to get more scoring from defense.Enter plays like forwards in types of plays.Defense comes in and is place forward.You outnumber the opposition in scoring.3 on 1 vs goalie and tick tack toe for the triangle play.Short plays can go back to the 4 man box.Back to them for scoring.Get a few and a lead.Chip the puck in and defensive forwards from 2000's proven scorers out of the Selke Trophy.Last 2 lines the 3 and 4th lines have scorers on them.You can put them with a crafty and speedy center.Consistant scoring and wins everygame til forward comes back or you trade him for better scoring defense and a speedy forward.Change their team.Make levels on defense and add to forward line makes a better team.Modulated.Coaching with consistant and balance as structure plays.Structure plays few plays structure of the club.Team plays in median.Many more coaching plays come from many parts of hockey and merging of all coaches as a team,Head Coach.Build the players around the Head coach and structure plays.Then they have 40 more plays in a book.Improvise in team and have a solid team.This without the scorer is called a solid team.Adding to a solid team.Solid plays.Goaltending has not changed.Solid plays are team structure plays and played around with effective plays.They go in and deliver solid hitting and can't get injured.They play clean but with big hits.Forecheckers go in and do the damage.Adding quick winger effective.From defensive players we can get a line that makes scoring and they turn to scorers.Each position is filled with requirements.For them to be a team each position has a list of requirements and skills.They want a player's arsenal to fit into the team from being in each position.There are the demands in each position from the club and history.They want a wrister at a certain speed,defense and fast skating.They want players shot direction and hand.Want players stats from farm system.And this is for goalie as offense.Goalie they want a butterfly or standup.Want his ratings in glove hand and blocker.Players rating to fit into each position from club's requirements for ratings already done for each position.Types of scorers.Right wing a shot at speed level and player's speeds.And types of players.Defensive expert on defense,type of skater.And their aggression,hitter and physical play,checking.Take-aways.And player then from trade fits into player slots.What that club plays like and ratings they want on each position from club's history.That way from players ratings that just right when they do club's plays and playbook ratings fulfil requirements and they become successful.They are experts at doing the club's plays,strategy and playing type,balance and conservative.Staggert defense from fast skaters and L and R defense with medium speed skater defensive.Look for match in players with player slots.Match for goaltending,handles puck and stacks the pads.Defense to go with the goalie.3 of them stop the puck.Slow skating goalie or fast skating like player slot says they want.Head coach and coaches.Makes club's play level work.And types of scorers. PP and lines are where you fit in the attributes levels slots for each position on the team.Juggle around power-play to get ratings for each team they face for highest scoring  possibilites at hottest level.Setup for high percentage of shooting and passing.Then you set them up and add the plays and percentages fluctuate per play.And for scoring lines.When you change players pattern for player position slots.Each slot is in percentages,for slapper,one-timer,wrister and for a chosen playmaker cross and wrist passes.Then when player position slots are right then the puck is in and power-play is hot.Right levels for players in right places then to plays.Juggle around with the player levels you want in the right hockey plays positions.You have a hot shooter that will wrist or slap and his patterns with balanced,conservative,box,overload,positonal.Then passer and checkers's percentages and aligning them in right team line slots.Slot is full of attributes and ratings and to have them in hot spots with chemistry.Chemistry of team lines and PP.And Penalty killing for checker and skating speeds.Player speeds and acceleration.Get the opposing team defensive out of position from player ratings attributes position slots.Then a flow of the types of plays.Overload and Triangle.Change position of hot shooter and then catch other team off guard when juggled play maker then you have the player lateral lines allmeassured up and the play maker and shooter aligned as in scoring lines.Because opposing players are playnig with scoring reports to perdict.Offense.Players move into positon and the setup.Shifting the player slots of the club and in team line scoring even strength.Coaches train them to align and offense is going.Many plays of having a forward infront of the net in positions near the net or a screen,shuffle in rebound.Hot spots and to setup a link chain of hot spots.Goaltending is based on teams structure of goalies.Goalies are trained within the levels and and areas where the club's goalies goaltend.Their levels for blocker,glove.Quickness and ability to scan with help from bench and players to relay code to the goalie from coaches what transition to do.They do a butterfly for conservative attack and they are doing triangle play.Play more in their crease with help from defenseman,communication.Goalies train to the best goalies in the club's history.They are certain percentages the club wants.Club does not go out of their way to get a goalie that is not compatible with club's history of goalies.Co-ordination with defenseman and called plays.Code tells him what opposition is doing and he has a code set of goaltending moves what position goalie should take.Goalies have many stances for each play to cope against the offense.On opposing PP they goaltend to club.Play out of their crease.Scouting and relay codes.Scouting gets goalie prepared before hand and he has a plan to do.Trains in computer simulation against each teams plays and alignments like triangle,positional and overload,conservative,balance and attack.Defenseman can call what is going on and this helps goalie on what to do.He can come out his crease to stop shots and defenseman to help him when he sprawls because he knows its triangle with positioning.Club's goalie used to all plays from opposition teams in NHL.Defenses help.You have player slots from each decade in clubs history which are attributes you want in team clubs All Star team per decade.You have player ratings for each postion.Then you raise players to fit them into each position slots with all ratings fulfilled.Speed levels of players,skating and hardest shot.Skills tests are done by club to findout about their players from each part decade.Trade means to get a player that can fit in a position player slot.And that player might be over the ratings of the slot.Even for goaltending.Coach uses player slots and use of many other coaches specialize in area and acel in each area they specialize,not Head Coach which has expertise in every area overall.Not high ratings like other coaches.Many coaches are not at highest level in 2 areas.Usually other coaches are higher in 2 areas.Because head coach has to be above average in every category.Coach figures out how to match player slots to coaching strategies now with computers work it out to see.Patterns.As the players learned the plays the clubs wanted them to know from who the clubs face.Player train in minors on coaching strategies and how to form them up til they are in big club.Then the coach does not have to explain and have confusion as they know in codes and catch on after first week.They go into each area coaching strategy like Triangle and positional and their ratings in categories like shooting percentage.shot power.speed.aggressive,checking and stats recorded during seasons on percentages in offense and defense during coaching strategy.Need expert coach in this area under Head Coach.Many Head coaches are a B level 70percent in every category.Other coaches like goaltending or defensive co-ordinator are 90percent and more in defense or offense,what they specialize in.But they dip down in other categories to a C or 60percent.Not head coach.PP and on the rush.Got to do scouting of their own games.Match it up to coaching.That the practice to get it right and speak in coaching language.Goaltenders have a plan and strategy as where you want them and their percentages in glove,blocker,pad saves,speed and quickness.Goaltending coach just gather to goaltending stations in every area,from computer simulation,the ice area reserved for goaltending coach and his goalies.Defensive coach and his defenseman and their stations,practice in computer simulation and ice area for defense practice which has offense training.Then the forwards and offense coach and their stations around arena to computer simualtion practice to parts ice for forwards practice offense training.Head coach combines all stations and goes to one after the other as he says he combined some drills.Rating level categories in use for all parts of team.Offense,defense,goalie and the coaches.When you have a rare Hall of Famer,he is overall at 70percent in each rating,speed,acelleration,accuracy,checking.When you stock up on roster you have players that hit at 80percent and above to 90percent in few categories and rest are average at 60percent.Have this for your plays on offense.Because you want more shot power at 90percent,skating at 80percent rest are average.Put him in to be effective against group of teams that are similiar.Scouting they are similiar so you match up the high ratings vs each team.Proven ratings that are effective vs each rival.Put in defenseman that is 90percent in checking,80percent in stickhandling,rest average.But players like this you can't play them all season long,temporary vs certain teams.Usually starters are overall above 70percent in each category and tend to dry up vs many teams in critical series or games in regular season.Because their ratings vs each team supplies rest of 30percent for opposing team in 14 categories.14 times 30percent for the opposing.When you have an effective player inserted in vs a team,matched up found weakness vs those team and put in 90percent rating vs other teams weakness or breakdown that his rating is 90percent in shooting.Goalie for his glove hand at 90percent,pad saves 80percent,rest average.Against group of teams he has the team because when they do types of plays for offense or mixed defense those high ratings  are what the puck will go into and not make it past the goal.Coaching that he is 90percent in aggression and types of offense plays.Or 80percent in defense,90percent in goaltending rest average.But used against group of teams for effectiveness.Higher in rating than group of opposing team.Raised in farm system.Have a high caliber player placed in to be effective because few of his ratings are higher.Not average.Skills.Practice to get the effective plays set up with players with higher ratings in few categories fit in.Relay messages use players to relay messages.They are leaders that have some parts of game plan.The defenseman and center can relay messages back to other players.Form up a formation just to relay messages easier on ice.Relaying messages and efficiency of club.Goalie gets relayed messages.Codes from Head coach and coaches,President.Many areas they coach the team like views.From President's perspective to down to bench.Operate different.At the bench he is closer to ice and can call out codes.The players on club that meant to lead the relay,defensmen,goalie and center.And the Captain.They are good at sending messages without opposition guessing.Defenseman passes message to another player and goes from player to player like a powerplay.Penatly killing.Work because of formation to pass messages.Codes.This is what the team wants best relay of messages.Because they change to a defensive role,goalie can change his positioning and offense can change to score.Messages and players that pass messages.Scouting to change shot.Scouting and relay messages.Team game plans,strategy and it can be reconfigurated during game efficiency of message relaying.Coaches message relay and up to President.President and staff send in better plans from his view up in boxes.And his coaching from up high.Down to benches to Head coach direct message,bench most direct means.Then the players are closer on ice.Strategy in changing strategies to being infront of the net scoring to PP setup.Setup for in close or blast from far away.All sorts of strategies                ;_ylt=AwrBTvtWRwdVzZgAyipLBQx.?p=swedish+ice+hockey&fr=yfp-t-203&fr2=piv-web Category:

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