NHL 99 is an ice hockey video game developed by Electronic Arts Canada. It was released on September 28, 1998 and was the successor to NHL 98. The game boasted great improvements to the game from NHL 98. However the next two editions features small improvements from this game thus making this game similar to NHL 2000 and NHL 2001.


Starting with NHL 99 up to NHL 2001 there were very few large 'improvements' to the game, though some would call them regressions. NHL 99 for the PlayStation boasted higher-resolution graphics than NHL 98, but the framerate and unresponsive controls (especially in 2+ player modes) hindered its playability. A career mode (later developed into a Franchise mode) with a retirement feature, drafting, and player trades were added to the game. Furthermore, created players can use any photo for their face which is textured onto the head. Online leagues of the game also became more organized. Daryl Reaugh left the series as color commentator following NHL 99. Jim Hughson remained as play-by-play announcer in the game. In the Nintendo 64 version of NHL 99, based on the console version of NHL 98 (old-style goalie crease and all), Clement is the only one providing commentary.


  • Tagline: "Ice cold intimidation"
  • Covers: Eric Lindros (Main)
  • Released for:
  • Windows
  • Nintendo 64
  • Playstation


NHL 1999 Soundtrack
Artist Song
David Bowie "Heroes"
Gravity Kills "Guilty"
Noise Therapy "Down"
Jeff Van Dyck (Various tracks)