NHL 95
NHL95 MegaDrive
Developer(s) Visual Concepts (SNES)
High Score Productions (Genesis)
Park Place Productions (Game Gear)
Malibu Interactive (Game Boy)
EA Sports (DOS)
Publisher(s) EA Sports
Release date November 1994
Genre Sports - Ice Hockey Sim
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Age rating(s)
  • ESRB: K-A (Kids to Adults)
Platform(s) DOS, SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, Game Gear, Game Boy

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NHL 95 (also known as NHL Hockey 95) is an ice hockey video game developed by Electronic Arts Canada. It was released on October 27, 1994.

Features Edit

This year's cover features the New York Rangers' Alexei Kovalev scoring on Vancouver Canucks' Kirk McLean during the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals.

NHL 95 introduced many new elements to the series. Firstly, the graphics on the Genesis and SNES gamed differed greatly from the first three installments of the NHL series (The DOS version kept those graphics). For the first time, a complete season could be played, and players could be created, traded, signed, and released. It is also the first game to give out year end awards at the end of the season. Other gameplay improvements include fake shots, drop passes and lying on the ice to block shots. Fighting is still removed but if a player sustained a multi game injury during season play, the player would be shown laying on the ice with nasty leg injury, if it was during exhibition game the player would have stars around his head.

The auto goalie is often unable to defend the across-the-goalie move, the one-on-one move and one-timer shots from the slot. Using manual goalie, a player can defend any shot.

In 2004, Jakks Pacific released a TV Game with both NHL 95 and Madden NFL '95 in it.

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