Released in September 2011, NHL 12 is similar to NHL 11 with just some minor tweaks and a new game mode called " Be A Legend" . The Winter Classic is also a new game mode.

Difference from NHL 11Edit

NHL12 introduces a new playing mechanic, where instead of pressing a button to call a teamate off the ice so you can go on, you play realistic minutes decided by how good you are and also what line your on. Now while your on the bench you can watch, text sim, or sim to your next shift. Be a pro introduced 2 new ways to play be a pro. 1 is be a CHL pro allowing players to play as their favourite CHL player. Another way to play is the most realistic way. It is called: Start in the CHL. In NHL 11 you could only do the memorial cup tournament and then got picked in the NHL draft, but this time you play as many seasons as they do in real life in the CHL until your drafted.


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